Sprouting Jars McCardell Farms Grover Beach Urban Farm

Don’t Forget About Sprouts

We love our microgreens – baby plants grown in soil – but we also enjoy sprouting grains and beans in water in our kitchen.

Sprouted Lentils McCardell Farms Grover Beach
Sprouted lentils taste incredible on a salad! Raw, of course.

Here are some helpful tips about sprouting:

– You really don’t need to buy a fancy sprouting tray system. Just use mason jars!

– Determine the right lid for your mason jar. For small grains, like amaranth and quinoa, I actually recommend you fork out some cash for lids with very small holes like this one.

– But for larger grains and beans, like garbanzos, rice, wheatgrass, don’t buy a strainer screen. We went to the hardware store and bought $5 worth of screen (by the foot), cut out circles and fit them in our mason jar lids. I still have tons of screen left for future use. Cheap and works really well!

To learn how to sprout grains, seeds and beans, learn from the experts at Sprout People!