Farmer’s Market Commentaries

People say the darndest things, and farmer’s market visitors are no exception. It’s highly entertaining to me, as a microgreens seller and as a market vender, to hear the responses from people visiting the market. Here are some comments that stand out from people I’ve offered microgreens samples to from my booth:

– “I really don’t eat anything green.” Alrighty then… not my target audience.

– “You sell weeds?” As long as you leave that ‘s’ at the end of ‘weeds”, I’m happy.

– “That tastes like earth.” At least they didn’t say it tastes like dirt!

– “I like them but my husband only eats meat.” Microgreens make meat taste even better!

– “Ewwwwwwww!” Again, apparently not my target customer. hahahaha!

I bet my neighbors at the market have heard it all over the years. I’m still new to having a stall, so we’ll see what comes up as time goes by.