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Colin McCardell at McCardell Farms October 2015
Colin McCardell at McCardell Farms 2015

After living on the Central Coast for 9 years, the McCardell family moved into their new home in Grover Beach, California excited about the beautiful green house and all the farming space that came with the purchase.

COLIN, CMO (Chief Microgreens Officer): When Colin was 10 years old, he dove right into a passion for microgreens. He loves plantingĀ and tending them, marveling in their beautiful and flavorful baby-ness! You’ll find Colin at local farmers markets selling microgreens to raise money for the family’s permaculture projects.

This is the core of what McCardell Farms is about: birthing a 1/2 acre permaculture-based property in the heart of Grover Beach, while providing a truly educational experience for Colin and his community. He’s embracing business, plants, communication and the outdoors with enthusiasm.

CAITY, Colin’s Assistant: Caity McCardell loves the fast cycles of microgreens’ growth – 11 days after planting, you have a beautiful addition to any meal. The cycles of planting, watering, and watching microgreens flourish is never not fun. Caity is excited to learn about permaculture, creating a food forest on their property for future generations of the McCardell family.

In addition to trays of microgreens, the McCardells grow wheatgrass trays and also leafy greens in their Garden Towers and in plant beds.

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Microgreens on California's Central Coast