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Saturday Pickup May 28

The Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival is coming up on Saturday, May 28, so the farmers’ market is cancelled that day. If you’d like to have your weekly dose of microgreens, wheatgrass or lentil sprouts, please don’t hesitate to come by our micro urban farm!

Saturday, May 28
12:00noon – 2:30 (normal market hours:)
1785 Farroll Road
Grover Beach

No need to call – I’ll be here. (Or call if you’d like to come by during a different hour.)

I can show you the greenhouse and tour you around the property. We have three different small-space gardening methods on display: vertical container gardens, Tower Gardens and straw bale gardening.

I look forward to seeing you!

Tower Gardens on the Central Coast

Tower Garden McCardell Farms Grover Beach Arroyo Grande

The McCardell Family have added Tower Gardens to their line of products for sale from their farm. After using Tower Gardens for over four years, we decided our passion for these incredible products is worth talking to the world about!

We own four Tower Gardens and we’ve been enjoying eating lettuce, kale, tomatoes and herbs daily. My children love picking our dinner salad! Features of the systems include…

Space Saving:
Tower Gardens are perfect for households that don’t have time or space for traditional soil gardening. Busy people with small back yards love Tower Gardens because they’re easy to maintain, provide lots of produce, and take up space UPWARD instead of ACROSS property.

Environmentally Friendly:
Tower Gardens use as much as 90% less water than traditional soil gardening, they don’t require pesticides, and they’re weed-free. Also, the maintenance on our towers is so low.

Visit the McCardell Family Tower Garden site to find out more about pricing and products available.