Heart’s Kitchen Microgreens Recipe

What is it with tacos lately? Fall is here, and I’m supposed to be digging into hearty soups, deep dishes and casseroles, but all I want is tacos!

Microgreens are perfect with tacos. Most varieties add such a nice crunch, but cilantro microgreens are particularly lovely in salsas and as a garnish for your tacos.

I found this recipe for Vegan Tacos With Butternut Squash and Microgreens today and my mouth is watering. I guess we know what’ll be on the table for dinner tonight!


Holiday Microgreens Are Here

Beet microgreens add a holiday spirit to any dish! Their deep red and green coloring is lovely in salads, on your favorite sandwich, topping a warm autumn soup, or for snacking.

McCardell Farms’ Detroit Dark Red Beet microgreens are available throughout the year but are sure to add flair to your winter holiday dish!

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Microgreens on California's Central Coast