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Farmer’s Market Commentaries

People say the darndest things, and farmer’s market visitors are no exception. It’s highly entertaining to me, as a microgreens seller and as a market vender, to hear the responses from people visiting the market. Here are some comments that stand out from people I’ve offered microgreens samples to from my booth:

– “I really don’t eat anything green.” Alrighty then… not my target audience.

– “You sell weeds?” As long as you leave that ‘s’ at the end of ‘weeds”, I’m happy.

– “That tastes like earth.” At least they didn’t say it tastes like dirt!

– “I like them but my husband only eats meat.” Microgreens make meat taste even better!

– “Ewwwwwwww!” Again, apparently not my target customer. hahahaha!

I bet my neighbors at the market have heard it all over the years. I’m still new to having a stall, so we’ll see what comes up as time goes by.

Don’t Forget About Sprouts

We love our microgreens – baby plants grown in soil – but we also enjoy sprouting grains and beans in water in our kitchen.

Sprouted Lentils McCardell Farms Grover Beach
Sprouted lentils taste incredible on a salad! Raw, of course.

Here are some helpful tips about sprouting:

– You really don’t need to buy a fancy sprouting tray system. Just use mason jars!

– Determine the right lid for your mason jar. For small grains, like amaranth and quinoa, I actually recommend you fork out some cash for lids with very small holes like this one.

– But for larger grains and beans, like garbanzos, rice, wheatgrass, don’t buy a strainer screen. We went to the hardware store and bought $5 worth of screen (by the foot), cut out circles and fit them in our mason jar lids. I still have tons of screen left for future use. Cheap and works really well!

To learn how to sprout grains, seeds and beans, learn from the experts at Sprout People!

PH Levels

One of the many checks we do around here at McCardell Farms is the ph levels of our soil and water. We want our precious microgreens to thrive in the right material, and when it comes to ph levels, they love around 6.0.

It might sound very science-y but it’s really easy – just mix, shake and compare colors to see whether your plants are going to say “ahhhh” or say “yikes!”

Tower Gardens on the Central Coast

Tower Garden McCardell Farms Grover Beach Arroyo Grande

The McCardell Family have added Tower Gardens to their line of products for sale from their farm. After using Tower Gardens for over four years, we decided our passion for these incredible products is worth talking to the world about!

We own four Tower Gardens and we’ve been enjoying eating lettuce, kale, tomatoes and herbs daily. My children love picking our dinner salad! Features of the systems include…

Space Saving:
Tower Gardens are perfect for households that don’t have time or space for traditional soil gardening. Busy people with small back yards love Tower Gardens because they’re easy to maintain, provide lots of produce, and take up space UPWARD instead of ACROSS property.

Environmentally Friendly:
Tower Gardens use as much as 90% less water than traditional soil gardening, they don’t require pesticides, and they’re weed-free. Also, the maintenance on our towers is so low.

Visit the McCardell Family Tower Garden site to find out more about pricing and products available.

Wheatgrass Drink Recipe

You don’t need a special wheatgrass juicer to enjoy the healthy benefits of wheatgrass juice! If you have a Vitamix or other powerful blender for smoothies, soups, etc., you’re in good shape.

abundant handful of wheatgrass
2 cups water
juice of ½ lemon
ice cubes
1 Tbs – or a big dollop – local honey

wheatgrass handful McCardell Farms Grover Beach

Combine wheatgrass and water in Vitamix and blend until leaves are dissolved.
wheatgrass sieve McCardell Farms Grover Beach

Sieve the liquid into a large glass and compost the remnants.
wheatgrass compost McCardell Farms Grover Beach

Add lemon juice, ice cubes and honey and stir.